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You can contact us with the following options:

Tel: 01473 311715

Mob: 07521 446 047

In summary, this is a cheaper option if you're calling from a device such as a mobile phone or computer with WhatsApp (free) or Viber (cheap) installed. long as we're in range of our Wi-Fi network at the riding school. Give it a go and let us know what you think. Alternatively, you can call this number via the mobile network but standard mobile charges will apply.

Our Bentley Riding School wi-fi network makes it easier for you to keep in contact with people at the riding school via email or instant messaging tools such as WhatsApp. Mobile coverage isn't great in our area so we decided to provide you and your kids with a more resilient network by adding a number of wi-fi nodes around our premises. They're all password protected (same password for each of the nodes) for greater security. Ask any of our staff for the password on your next visit and have peace of mind that you and your kids can keep in touch.

Our wi-fi network also means that you can now call us on our mobile free of charge if you're calling from a mobile device (phone or computer) also with WhatsApp (or similar apps such as Viber - very cheap call rates) installed. These apps use our wi-fi network, and as long as our mobile phone is in range of our wi-fi and you're calling via your own WhatsApp internet connection then you'll be able to call us for free. The wi-fi coverage is much better than our old cordless DECT phones so you will have a more reliable way of contacting us if Jim is out and about on the yards.

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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