If you decide to learn to ride, simply email or phone us any time. We will chat a bit, find out what days are possible for you and suggest lesson times which will be suitable. Any sensible clothing will do to begin with and we provide hats. If you continue to ride, after a while, you will probably buy the basic riding wear. It's more comfortable.

When you come, you will find that you like the staff and get on with them very well. Your horse or pony will know its job, and your lesson will be in the indoor school where friends or parents can sit and watch. Complete beginners, adults or children, start on the leading rein; children obviously stay on the leading rein longer.

Group lesson or private lesson? It doesn't matter that much. Lessons at the weekend are all class lessons, and everybody enjoys them. Our instructors are very good! Children are usually better in a group. If you are an adult beginner and can come during the day in the week, you might prefer a one to one lesson. But it really is optional.