Lessons for Children

Children can start riding at any age and we have ponies to suit all sizes. They start on the leading rein with half hour lessons for the very young beginners. Most children are perfectly capable of coping with an hour, which is the normal lesson duration. As the lessons are graded according to ability, some will be more suitable than others. When you book, either by phone or email, we will suggest which lessons would be best.

Teaching children to ride is a gradual, ongoing process and it is not desirable to set ‘targets’. They are encouraged to progress at their own pace and the important thing is that they should enjoy it. Riding is all about balance and this takes time. Moving on from the leading rein phase, they learn to trot independently, begin to canter and, when they are ready, ride out in the woods. All children who continue to have lessons at Bentley eventually become confident, proficient riders.

Young riders who have reached a certain standard have the opportunity to join more advanced lessons taken by Mannie.

It is not necessary to book courses of lessons – although some people take advantage of our price reductions by buying a course of six. Nor is it necessary to ride every week. Some ride weekly, many fortnightly and others as and when. The re- booking process is simple: when you ride, just tell us when you are coming again, or that you will email or ring.

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