We support a local campaign to improve the mobile phone signal in South Suffolk

If you've experienced poor mobile phone signal strength and coverage where you live or work in South Suffolk, then why not add your name to our MPs petition here. At Bentley Riding School, our O2 mobile signal isn't great outdoors and is almost non-existant indoors, so we support this campaign and would like many of our customers to sign it too if they suffer similar poor service.

New Wi-Fi network and Mobile Option - Free with WhatsApp (October 2015)

We've just introduced a wi-fi network at Bentley Riding School making it easier for you to keep in contact with people at the riding school via email or instant messaging tools such as WhatsApp. Mobile coverage isn't great in our area so we decided to provide you and your kids with a more resilient network by adding a number of wi-fi nodes around our premises. They're all password protected (same password for each of the nodes) for greater security. Ask any of our staff for the password on your next visit and have peace of mind that you and your kids can keep in touch.

Our wi-fi network also means that you can now call us on our mobile 07521 446 047 free of charge if you're calling from a mobile device (phone or computer) also with WhatsApp (or similar apps such as Viber) installed. These apps use our wi-fi network, and as long as our mobile phone is in range of our wi-fi and you're calling via your own WhatsApp internet connection then you'll be able to call us for free. The wi-fi coverage is much better than our old cordless DECT phones so you will have a more reliable way of contacting us if Jim is out and about on the yards.

You can, of course, call this mobile number (if you can't get through on our land-line) using the standard mobile network but usual charges will apply.

I guess this is all a bit techy for many adults but the kids are using these apps on their smart phones all the time. If you get stuck on how to set it up then just ask one of them. I did!

Autumn 2015 Event Dates

The dates are now available for the Autumn 2015 Pony Days & Courses. More...

We were hacked (7th September 2015)

Thanks to some Islamic hackers, our web-site was replaced by a rapper song supporting ISIS. Thanks to our backups, our site is now back up and running again. However, we did lose (i.e. Deleted) some of our customers registration details between 7th August 2015 and 7th September 2015. So, if your registration fell within these dates, then please re-register. Anyone wishing to register for the first time, it is now safe to do this using our on-line forms.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Office Renovation (12th June 2015)

We've renovated the office to provide customers with a more comfortable check-in office and pony-day class room.


Lilly - New Horse for Adults and Children (9th June 2015)

We've recently purchased Lilly to carry larger children and adults. She's a sweet natured horse and is settling in well being ridden by Leia. More...

Milly - New Pony for children and small adults (5th June 2015)

We recently bought a new pony called Milly. She seems to be settling-in very well and enjoying her new life of eating, sleeping and the odd ride. More...

Summer 2015 Event Dates

The dates are now available for the summer 2015 Pony Days & Courses. More...

Web-site Update (21st May 2015)

Bentley Riding School web-site has been updated so that you can use it on mobile devices such as smartphones & tablets. So, instead of having to scroll left and right to see the content, it should automatically resize for the mobile device that you're using. If you have any problems or suggestions then let us know by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..