If you’re not sure whether this is for you, then just talk to us and we’ll advise & reassure you. We can help you with the best way to start riding, suitable rides and lessons, what to wear, etc. ...but please feel free to ask questions using our email link. You’re more than welcome just to drop-in and have a look around, and even watch a lesson in the viewing gallery. ...or wander around the stables and chat with the horses and ponies.

Regulars can book over the phone or via email but we do advise new riders/parents to phone or call-in to make an appropriate first-time booking


If you have booked, then please check-in for your ride or lesson in the reception office (the green port-a-cabin building just off the car park). ...and if it’s your first time at Bentley, then please arrive 5 minutes earlier so that you can talk about last minute checks and organise a riding hat for you.