We had Comet for many years as a riding school horse but he sadly died back in 2010. He was part of the riding school for 22 years, and had been retired for a long time and was old and ready to go.

Comet was special and much loved by a great many people and will be long remembered. He was a horse you either loved or hated. In Neros case, I’m afraid it was the latter. ...the reason being that on Neros first day at the riding school, he came out of his stable and stuck his face over Comets stable door hoping to make a new friend. However, Comet had other ideas and bit him on his forehead and drew blood. From then on, Neers hated Comet. In fact, he ended up hating any grey horse as he thought they were all Comet and would hurt him again.

We certainly had some entertaining rides with him as you can see from the photos. If you have any further info for this site then please email us.